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TEAM of RUSSIA on MSF for the European Championships - 2017

Dear colleagues, friends! Happy and proud to present to you the long-awaited national TEAM of RUSSIA on MSF for the European Championships - 2017 in Minsk (individual competition), which is formed according to the results of Qualifying events to 5 February 2017 Championship TSFO on Modern Sword Fighting. The tournament was attended by about 150 athletes from 29 clubs from 14 cities of Russia, from 3 to 40 years: Vladikavkaz, Volgograd, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ozersk, Obninsk, Kaluga, Kostroma, Petrozavodsk, Kolomna, Dubna, Korolev, Shchelkovo, Moscow. Children competed in the category "sword and Shield", teenagers and adults in the category "Triathlon-MSF" and "Sword-buckler-MSF" - only played 26 sets of medals in individual competition. In the Team competition 1st place went to club "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna, 2nd place - "Excalibur" Moscow, 3 place - the "Team of Ural" from Ekaterinburg, the 4th place - "Tannenberg" Kondopoga. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STRONGEST ATHLETES OF THE COUNTRY 2017! TEAM RUSSIA MSF – 2017 INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP: 3 years 1 place Babayev Yaroslav "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 2 place Ryzhov Maksim "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 4 years 1 place Demidov Arseniy "Excalibur", Moscow 2 place Gorbachev lion "Excalibur", Moscow 3 place Syurin Nikita "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 5 years 1 place Sokolov's novel "the White Cross", Moscow 2 place Dorozhkin Egor "Excalibur", Moscow 3 place Veretennikova Vasilisa "Istar" Kaluga 6-7 years girls 1 place Barikova Yaroslav "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 2 place Mustafina Victoria "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 place Mochalova Kira "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 6-7 years boys 1 place Orlov Stepan "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 2 place Burmatov Simon "Congo-Junior", Ekaterinburg 3 place Deev, Sergey "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 8-9 years girls 1 place Kosmacheva Anastasia "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 2 place Khudoley Diana "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 place Natalia Khomenko "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 8-9 years boys 1 place Menshikov Ivan Academy of Fencing Ekaterinburg 2 mesto melesh-kin Artem "Team of Obninsk" Obninsk 3 place Makridin Vladislav "Congo-Junior", Ekaterinburg 10-11 years girls 1 place Mitrofanova Vasilisa "Excalibur", Moscow 2 place Stetsenko Lada "Sword" Petrozavodsk 3 place Nigmatullina Azalea "Noldor", Kazan 10-11 years boys 1 place Romanenko, Vladislav "Congo-Junior", Ekaterinburg 2 place Demkin Ilya "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 place Leontiev Simon "MARV" Volgograd 12-13 years girls 1 place Queen Anastasia "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 2nd place Mariya Shilova "Tannenberg" Kondopoga 3rd place Olga Solovieva "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 12-13 years boys 1 place Tushin Artem "Tannenberg" Kondopoga 2 place Favorov, Peter "Excalibur", Moscow 3rd place kites Gordey "Sword" Petrozavodsk 14-15 years boys 1 place Shaihov Gregory "Congo-Junior", Ekaterinburg 2nd place lions Michael "Excalibur", Moscow 3 place sevrjugin Leonid "White Cross", Moscow 16-17 years girls 1 place Chursinov Svetlana "Tannenberg" Kondopoga 2 place Lappo Alina "Sword" Petrozavodsk 16-17 years boys 1 place the Chibirev Constantine "Noldor", Kazan 2 place Vasilyev, Mikhail "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 place Krasilnikov Simon "Istar" Kaluga 18+ women 1 place Polorotov Alena "Hastings", Moscow 2nd place Olga Kostina "Sword" Petrozavodsk 3 place Obryadchikov Alexander "Paladin", Moscow 18-34 men Light weight 1 place of Jelilov Boris "Bayard", Moscow 2 place Kusaev Michael "Ascalon" Vladikavkaz 3 place Ilyin Sergey "Bizon" Korolev The average weight 1 place Ushakov Vasily "Bern-Junior", Moscow 2 place Vershinin Svyatoslav "Bayard", Saratov 3 place Dmitry Churilov "Radogost '" Shchelkovo Heavy weight 1st place Alexey Petrik "Tannenberg" Kondopoga 2 place Sergei Ukolov "Bayard", Moscow 3rd place Artem Gorev "Buki", Moscow 35+ men 1 place Sinkevich Maksim "Buki", Moscow 2nd place Alex melesh-kin "RO Obninsk" Obninsk 3 place Khudoley Andrei "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna Sword-buckler 12-13 years 1 place Shew Artem "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 2 place the Mango Milorad "Excalibur", Moscow 3 place Trukhachev Daniel "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna Sword-buckler 14-15 years 1 place shahs Basil "MSF-179", Moscow 2 place Nechaev Denis "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 he is Alexander the Excalibur Moscow Sword-buckler 16-17 years 1 place the Greeks Alexander the Excalibur Moscow 2 place Alexander Bobkov "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 place Panov Alexey "Excalibur", Moscow Sword-buckler girls under 18 1 place Ivushkina Irina "Excalibur", Moscow 2nd place Svetlana Zolotareva "MSF-179", Moscow 3 place Ruzhnikova Vic "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna Sword-buckler men 18-30 1 place Alexander Ryabov "Children of Fenrir" 2nd place Aleksandr Razumov "Fencing Fanatics", Moscow 3 place Zuev Oleg "Fencing Fanatics", Moscow Sword-buckler women 18+ 1 place Maria Davydova, "Excalibur", Moscow 2 place Fedoseeva Anastasia "Kniazhij Stiyag" Kolomna 3 place Tishkina Faith KSF "Falcon", Ozersk Sword-buckler men 30+ 1 place Selivanov Semyon "Fencing Fanatics", Moscow 2 place the Cold Andrew "Fencing Fanatics", Moscow 3rd place Alexey Kokurin "Noldor", Kazan A separate list will be submitted to the RUSSIAN national TEAM on Team battle 5 on 5 at the SMB following the results of Superiority of the CIS Cup "Dynamo" 3.12.2016 Join MSF-Movement! #СМБ #ФСМБ, #СовременныйМечевойБой, #MSF, #IFMSF, #ModernSwordFighting

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