All-Russia Rally for MSFs August 22-27 at Kazan in a lovely park-hotel "Regina" has successfully passed the first Russian Rally for MSFs. In meropryaitiyah the Meeting was attended by representatives of Ufa (Bashkortostan), Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region), Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk region), Gubkinskoye (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District), Kazan (Tatarstan) and Moscow (CFD). Age of participants from 9 to 62 years old! For all clients of the Meeting was the fascinating and informative - and for novice fighters and experienced coaches. We were on the Rally come with their families! Everybody had to work hard, because the program was very intensive: a lot of training for MSFs, the development of new systems Qualifying competition, Judges' seminars with Stand wireless electronic sudeysta, coaching methodology seminars, Role playing on the ground, massive battles, tournaments, training in shooting bow drill on teamwork, awesome interactive tour of the National Museum of Tatarstan, Kazan Kremlin tour - all this made ​​Rally memorable and very useful for the participants. In the near future there will be voluminous photo and video report on our website and social networks.

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