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The structure of the qualifying rounds for the Championship of Russia on MSFs

Dear Colleagues, Bring to your attention an exemplary scheme qualifiers in all regions of the Russian Federation at the Annual Championship of Russia. MSFF will mesh with the competition in September 2013 is structured so that the qualifying rounds of the city and regional level were carried out at the beginning of the school year, and regional and district competitions in winter and spring, in order to carry out in April Championship of Russia among the best of the best from across the country . How does this scheme? In sentyare-October-November in the region to pursue their domestic competition (the city first, then regional). If at the initial stage and the fighters in the area will not be much (less than 40 people), you can spend immediately combined regional competitions. Winners of the regional competitions are entitled to participate in the Championship Region (North, West, Central, South Urals, East), which are held in the winter.IMPORTANT! Winners of the regional competitions can participate in tryouts in other areas just no contest to allow second-tier fighters win their right to access to the Regional Cup competitions and CFD. Championships regions, a total of 6 - North, West, Central, South Urals, East, held in late winter - early spring. They are attended by soldiers, who took 1,2,3 places in each category in the preliminaries at the oblast level. For example, the Ural Championship can be held among the winners of the Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Perm region, as well as individual cities where their intercity (rather than regional) competition. The final selection held the CFA Championship. In early spring, those CFA Cup, the winners of which are entitled to enter the Championship of Russia.Under this scheme came to Russia on 5 + Champions regionals champion CFA (if not the same person) + the quota, for example, even with the 2 best CFO in each category. Thus, in the championship of Russia will take part 8 best fighters from across the country in each category. What it looks like in reality? Consider a specific example: For example, in the category "Youth 12-13 years" there are 10 people in the cities of Moscow and Moscow region. First there is the most massive Tournament - Championship of Moscow, Moscow wins one "A", and goes directly to the CFA and Russia. Athletes "B" and "B" occupy 2nd and 3rd place and guarantee yourself involved in CFD. Next to the Championship of Moscow Region arrives for 9 people, "B" is the first, "B" - the second, and pass the CFA gets a "D", which became the third. Those without a pass for the CFA fighters can go on Kaluga Championship to qualify there. TS Kaluga go for 8 people, and for example, "B" wins it, "D" and "E" above receive a pass, etc. IMPORTANT Champion Moscow region, for example in the category "Standard", misses a gun on the Championship of Russia in the category "Triathlon" or "Biathlon". He is not allowed to other regional championships ONLY TO THE nomination, in which he became a champion. Therefore, if a fighter has won another Oscar nomination, while others do not, it will still go through the steps until you win, if he set himself a goal.

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