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Maria V. Davydova President of the Modern Sword Fighting Federation of Russia

SummaryMaria V. Davydova President of the Modern Sword Fighting Federation of Russia Tel.: +7-926-915-48-18 E-mail: A brief summary. Maria Davydova, 29.07.1982g.r., Yekaterinburg, Russia Chairman of the "Society for Experimental Stories" founder of the Academy of medieval swordsmanship and culture, CHR "Runestone" CHR "Steel Road" Education: 1999 graduated from high school #9 of Yekaterinburg 2000-2005. Since she graduated from the Russian State Professional Teachers Training University, "Pedagogy and Psychology." Special Fellow of Vladimir Potanin, double scholarship Sverdlovsk Region Governor, Presidential Scholar. of 2005-2007. PhD student at the Department of Philosophy (Russian State Professional Teachers Training University). of 2005-2006. Getting qualified "high school teacher" at CIF Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE). 2011 Refresher courses "Theory and methods of teaching fencing" in Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE). Fencing and Martial Arts: 1996-2000 gg. Self-studying of 2000-2004. Studied medieval fencing and instructor training course at the fencing master Chernikhovsky. 2000 and 2003 II place at the National Tournament in medieval fencing in Kazan. 2003 champion Urals duel fencing BRR «VerCon» Men Since 2004 Vice-President of the Ural federal plastic arts and fencing. 2005 Champion of Russia for historical fencing (women's category), Moscow. 2006 and 2007. Silver medalist Russia for historical fencing (women's category). Moscow 2008 bronze medalist Russia for historical fencing (women's category). Moscow 2005-2010 years. Champion of the Urals for historical fencing (women's category). Yekaterinburg. 2010-2012. Winner of numerous tournaments and championships of Modern Sword Fighting in Moscow, Kolomna, Ryazan, Vologda and other cities. Organization: Since 1999, the Club Manager experimental history "Runestone" Since 2000, the annual organizing and conducting various tournaments around the historic and late medieval fencing of urban, regional, and regional levels. Judging at the tournament. 2004 The author and the main organizer of the festival I City folk games and historical fencing "valiant prowess - Ural 2004" (250, 11 participating teams). 2005 Creation of the NGO Federation Ural plastic arts and fencing, which includes 7 different martial arts schools in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region (including medieval fencing & etc.). 2005 (February) II regional festival of folk games and historical fencing "valiant prowess - Ural 2005 "(450, 21 participating teams). 2005 (September) Festival lively stories and crafts "Magic Wheel", dedicated to the revival of ancient crafts (pottery, blacksmithing, leather, etc.), national competitions and games, competitions were held for young smiths. (100, 7 clubs participating.) 2005-2006. Together with the creation of the House of Scientists Club of historical reconstruction of life of the Russian gentry county XIX century. of 2005-2006. By holding monthly maneuvers for the clubs history and late medieval fencing Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. 2006 (February) III International Festival of folk games and historical fencing "valiant prowess - Ural 2006" (1000, with 34 teams participating.) 2007 (February ) IV All-Russia festival "valiant prowess - Ural 2007" (1000, more than 50 teams participating) 2007-2008. Assistant to the chairman of the regional branch of the Russian Military Historical Society Movement (Head of Direction of the Middle Ages) in 2007 (August) participation in the creation of the "Society of Experimental history" and the beginning of the work as its chairman. 2007 (August) Create Cavalry Branch KIR Lithuanian Lancers Regiment supported Ulanovich SG - Chapter KIR "outpost" in Moscow in 2008 (February) V All-Russian Festival "valiant prowess - Ural 2008" (2000 people, 65 teams participating) in 2008 (September) Creation Club experimental history "Steel Road", Ural State University of Railways (USURT) 2009 (January) Chapter of the Ural Branch of the Russian Federation of the regional sports sword with divisions in Perm, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, Novoural'sk, Revda and several units in Yekaterinburg. 2009 (February) 2nd International Festival of historical fencing "valiant prowess - Ural 2009" (2000 people, 97 teams participating including Ukraine, Belarus) 2009 (June), the President of the Ural branch of the Federation of Regional Artistic Fencing Russia. 2010 (February) 7th All-Russian Festival of historical fencing "valiant prowess - Ural 2010" (about 2000 people, more than 100 teams participating) 2010-2012. The Executive Director and one of the founders of the International Center of historical fencing "Excalibur" in Moscow since 2011, Vice-President of the Modern Sword fight Federation of Russia. In the 2011-2012 academic year, as part of work on the organized and conducted more than 10 competitions in SMB from the city to the inter-regional level in Moscow, Kolomna, Vologda, St. Petersburg, 5 different training sessions, 4 interactive platform for SMEs in g.Hotin (Ukraine), in Moscow, in Kirillov, in Izborsk(Russia). 2010-2012. acting coach of the International Center of historical fencing "Excalibur" and Fight Center "Paladin" Overall coaching experience since 1999 Activities: Ethnicl music, horseriding, archery, hiking and boating, drawing, Eastern philosophy, board games of the world, art therapy, historical reenactment, martial arts, photography, travelling. Mottoes of life: It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness during whole life. The maximum can be achieved only by trying impossible.

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