Calendar of events By Modern Sword Fighting Federation ( MSFF )

Calendar of events By Modern Sword Fighting Federation ( MSFF ) and Interregional Sport SwordFederation ( ISSF ) for 2013-2014 . September 2013 : • September 22 " MSF maneuvers " - the total collection of athletes sections of Moscow and Moscow for the purpose of dating and getting new experiences on tactics and strategy in the mass battles MSFs. For children, athlets and trainers who want to explore the method of training children to mass battles (Moscow ) October 2013 : • 19-20 October "Big Team Cup 2013 MSF » - Interregional tournament Metchev modern combat. ( Moscow, " Paladin -Medieval»); • 19-20 October Instructor Certification workshop for trainers of various regional offices MSFF . The program includes a master class from Sergei Ukolov . Methodological part - Maria Davydova ( Moscow, " Paladin -Medieval»). • Open Championship Ekaterinburg MSF (Ekaterinburg) • October 26 Instructor Certification Workshop for clubs in Western Siberia. (Kemerovo) Min. - Davydov MV November 2013 : • 31.10-3.11 Championship Eastern Europe on ancient martial arts as part of the Games "Invincible Power" (Samara) , Br. Kadymov M. • November 23 Championship Nizhny Novgorod region MSF (Nizhny Novgorod ) Min. Byasherov A. • November 24 Open Championship Kaluga Contemporary Metchev battle. With special cognitive excursion program for delegations from other cities ( Kaluga) December 2013 : • December 14 Russian Junior Sport sword (Vologda) , Br. Shadrin VA • December 15th Open Championship of Moscow on MSF (Moscow, " Paladin -Medieval») • December 22 Open Championship Ekaterinburg on MSF (Ekaterinburg). LV Davydova • December 22 Open Championship in Ufa on MSF (Ufa) , Br. Trubnikov A. • December 29 Open Championship at Novosibirsk MSF (Novosibirsk) Min. Stroilov AI January 2014 : • 3-7 January camp during the winter holidays for MSFs "Kaluga fortress" under. Obninsk • January 18 Open Championship at St. Petersburg MSF (Saint- Petersburg) • January 26 Open Championship Moscow Region MSF (Moscow ) Min. Davydov MV February 2014 : • Open Championship MSF Tatarstan (Kazan) ; • CFD Championship MSFs (Moscow ); • Certification workshop for trainers and judges of the Regional offices of the Urals in the Championship for the MSF at the 11th Festival " Molodetskaya Udal’ (Valiant Prowess) - Ural 2014" ( Bratislava ); • Championship UFD by MSFs in at the 11th Festival " Molodetskaya Udal’ (Valiant Prowess) - Ural 2014" (Ekaterinburg ) . • Z’lataya Dlan’ Championship of Moscow on Sport sword (Moscow ). V. Grachev March 2014 : • Central District Championship of Russia on sport sword (Moscow ) • Championship Northwestern Federal District of Russia on the MSF (Saint- Petersburg) • Championship Republic of Karelia on MSF (Petrozavodsk) • Superiority of the Volga region MSF (Saratov) April 2014 : • Annual attestation-test instructor workshop for trainers of various regional offices MSFF . (Moscow). • RUSSIAN CHAMPIONSHIP for MSFs ( Individual and " Team fights 5 on 5" (Kaluga) May 2014 : • Victory Banner Sankt-Petersburg on sports sword (Saint- Petersburg) SE Myasischev • Open tournament for children on the basis of the PSC of the academic year 2013-2014 for athletes from Moscow , Moscow region and representatives of various regional offices MSFF . June 2014 : • Championship Northwest Russia on sport sword (Vologda) , Br. VA Shadrin • Samara Modern Sword Fighting Open (Samara) . ! This grid activities will be subject to change. The exact dates of inquiry on our website operational announcements ! ! We also would like to include your event in the common grid - write us ! We are always happy to cooperate andmade a new projects ! Contact us: or +7 ( 926) 915-48-18

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