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Referees Committee

Federation of Modern Sword Fighting in Russia together with the Design Laboratory «RVS-Lab» specially prepared a unique development - a comprehensive system of wireless electronic Umpire ("Themis-1") for competitions Modern Sword Fighting duel "1 to 1". The uniqueness of this system is that it is designed specifically for Modern Sword Fighting based on the objectives and taking into account the specific nature of judging the various nominations SMBs. The system is a special bulletin board ( see diagram at the bottom of page ) (including a timer and counter 4 points from each of the four side judges) and a set of 5 wireless remotes (one - for Gough marshal and four - for the side judges). Each unit operates autonomously and allows real-time display on the scoreboard points of the currently each of the men of all four judges. The system of "Themis-1" is designed to improve the quality of officiating in the PSC as a whole, and in particular its objectivity and clarity. The display on the display of the results from each of the four side judges in real time is designed to increase personal responsibility of each judge for vynosimy them the result of fights in a row. system allows you to automatically control the end of the battle of two ways: • after a specified time (30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 , 5 minutes, "Without"); • on reaching one of the fighters set limit number of points (1, 3, 5, 10, "without limitation"). These parameters are set before the fight Gough Marshal venues on a special wireless controller. It also starts and stops the fight. Thus, the system of "Themis-1" allows you to optimize the performance venues and attract additional individual to the position of Timekeeper, as well as reducing time spent on travel and meeting the judges during the competition. One of the important properties Systems "Themis 1" is that it is considered "lead time" for scoring. For example, in the battle "to 10 points," one of the touch judges saw the 10th point and clicks a button - instantly will lock and an alarm sounds, "stop fighting." The scoreboard shows that Judge 1 (red) averaged 10 points, Judge 2 (red) - 9, Judge 3 (blue) - 8, Judge 4 (Blue) - 9 points, respectively. Thus, Gough Marshall sees that earlier got 10 points soldier in a red outfit and announce the expense of "10-9" in favor of the blue fighter. Federation of Modern Sword Fighting in Russia is committed to increasing the level of organization, and the quality of the judging of the competition for MSFs, to improve visibility and sporty aesthetics of their activities, so the system "Themis-1" is designed in such a way as to be able to further improvements and optimizations to the operational improvements under requirements and standards MSF in the future. On behalf of the Federation of MSFs express our gratitude to Vladimir Romashov - chief design engineer Design Laboratory «RVS-Lab» for the implementation of the idea with an electronic judging competitions for SMBs to life. Idea by Maria Davydova. At the moment, Design Laboratory «RVS-Lab» is developing an integrated system of wireless electronic Umpire for "Team Battle in the MSF 5x5" - system "Themis-5." It will first apply customized mobile lights relegation athlete of the fight, which will allow every soldier (and other fighters, officials and spectators) during the battle to understand that he was "retired" and must stop any action and get out of the game. It is used to prevent a situation where a fighter does not cease active operations after the limit of shock and did not hear the command of the Referee of the need to stop any action.

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