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Presents Protective equipment for Modern Sword Fighting

Presents Protective equipment for Modern Sword Fighting Protection Corps has a special shape with extended shoulder pads to protect against shocks specific to SMEs in the shoulder joint, and is equipped with integrated stand collar to protect the neck and collarbone Athlete . Front gate can not use the extra protection, a clip-on to the helmet to protect the neck, and thus does not increase the weight of the helmet, the load on the cervical vertebrae and the freedom of movement.

Also characteristic of our defense corps is a lightweight front and platinum in two layers of reinforced side plates protect against chopping blows to the ribs . Protective vest on the body has a convenient strap mount on the back of the principle is very common in the Middle Ages, the brigantine "Visby" and is a very practical and reliable, with high speed and dressing removal. By the protective jacket for housing also can be attached more "petals" to protect the shoulder, iliac bone or femur , which is essential in equipping the younger children and girls.

Protective Gloves with integrated protection of the forearm elbow close both the external and the internal side, which allows you to use this equipment in competitions in different kinds of weapons, including a sword and shield and two-handed sword, in which the protection of the forearm is especially important. Protective Leggings with integrated knee on the outside contours of the repeated Leggings medieval knights with a special cup that covers the entire knee joint and special petal protecting popliteal crease on the outside as well as having an elongated lower portion covering the ankle joint from impacts with both the external and with inside. Protective Leggings come in two versions: "Whole" and "a separate cup." The second option is suitable for use by athletes of different heights leg. Special Velcro fastening allows you to adjust the ride height "cups" covering the knee joint.

All equipment for MSFs is made of durable abrasion-resistant synthetic leather, used for the manufacture of sports equipment. For reasons of hygiene, the inner layers of the protective equipment is not made of cloth, which absorbs the perspiration odor and long drying and a thin artificial skin is easy to wipe or wash towel dry immediately after application, and the equipment will again be ready for use by the same or another athlete.

According to the approved by the Federation Council on 10.09.2011 (paragraph of the Regulations) are allowed to compete only protective helmets manufactured by Ray-Sport Inc( type SH11 IK) because of their high protective properties and the optimal quality and price .

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