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Memo to novice coaches

To help coaches Modern Sword Fighting Dear coaches and instructors of MSF , this memo is created specially for you and facilitate your complex and multi-faceted work. We have already passed this way (the experience of coaching 14 years ) and is now ready to help all colleagues to pass it quickly and easily. This memo drawn up in the form of recommendations , arranged in chronological order , for ease of implementation.

Recommendations affect all aspects of coaching : the organization of the training process , collecting and storing information about groups , security in the classroom , respect for sports , educational, hygiene and more. We have prepared a complete package of all necessary documents and forms that you may need , as well thought out and tried to cover all of the key and important points on which to you may have questions from parents , children, government officials, the inspection bodies , etc.

We have tried to take into account in its recommendations not only experience of sections in Moscow, but also , primarily , in the regions - take into account the specificity of medium and small cities. 1. How to dial a group? 1.1 To begin , decide the hall for training. This can be a section at the school, at the Pioneer Club , House of Culture , etc. It may just be leased premises suitable for the following: in the hall must be proper ventilation , good lighting is desirable warehouse or storage cabinets inventory in the hall should be washed regularly . One must have dressing rooms , toilet and shower . Desirable gymnastic benches , rugs, mats or tatami opportunities hang " makiwara " or " noodle " for training on the formulation of impact. 1.2 Agree and confirm a stable schedule .

Do not start advertising without making sure you are safe for the room and time. Try not to put too early childhood training (consider the average number of lessons with students in your city ) and too late (note introduced nationwide curfew for children , as well as the fact that it gets dark earlier in the winter ) . The ideal time , for example, 16:00-17:30 - for those who are younger , 17:30-19:00 - for teens and older students. 1.3 Make a new set of advertising in their own section . To do this:

§ Use the Federation website to learn about you the whole country , and to confirm that the severity of your organization on the spot. Send us a letter with accurate information about your section and schedule its work on you as a coach , photographs, any additional information .

§ Create a group of contacts, or any other social network , common in your town, for promptly informing people about their news , as well as to attract newcomers. § Develop a flyer . Accurately indicates the contact information ( address, phone, online resource ) . Do putting up their own or draw on third parties. Contact us at and we will send you the finished sample .

§ Conduct indicative share ( for example, " Playground for MSFs ") in the park on any city, district , school holiday . Distribute leaflets small items ( such as A6 or small ) near the subway station , in places where large numbers of people . Useful to include in the flyer discounts on tickets or some bonus coupon bearer (eg , "The first lesson for free .") Contact us at and we will send you the finished sample .

2 . How not to lose those people calling you ?

2.1 Keep the phone number specified in the promotional materials , permanently turned on . Communicate politely . Know your schedule by heart and address. Get yourself a notebook or a notebook and write down all the numbers there and contact details, calling - so you will begin to form their customer base. Ask customers where they learn about you - so you can evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising .

2.2 Plan to spend before the academic year Organizational meeting. Better to spend it in training, so that all could see and learn the way the hall where classes will be held . Choose a convenient time and secure it for themselves. For example, a weekday evening (Wednesday 19.00) .

2.3 The most important points that you need to talk to inform their potential customers : § place and timetable ;

§ the cost of training. Tell us what equipment is available ( if so) ; § what sports uniforms and shoes required;

§ inform that you will need a doctor's note ; § necessarily tell us when and where will be held Organizational meeting. IMPORTANT ! Everyone who calls you will need to invite at once for training , and it Org.sobranie , which will detail all the necessary information about the new section and the people themselves will be able to make a choice - to visit or not to visit your section.

3 . How not to lose those who come to you ?

3.1 Qualitatively prepare Organizational meeting : Prepare yourself and your mates : Your appearance should evoke positive associations with sport and sporting success , the form must be neat . Official form ( jacket , pants, tie) , is likely to be less appropriate in the gym , but more profitable to look in the conference hall . Depending on the circumstances . Your assistant should be dressed the same - so you create the impression of " team", even if you do it while netJ . For example, you do not have their own forms - T-shirts with symbols section / club , but surely , we all find in the wardrobe of pure white T-shirt. Think about the cleanliness of clothes, shoes and hands can not speak. Remember, you do not get a second chance to make a first understanding. Prepare presentation material : Take a large folder of files (eg 50-60 sheets) and put it :

§ Several large ( A4 ) color photographs from the competition by the PSC , happy children with medals and diplomas (better your students , but not necessarily - it is important to create the desired visual images ) . Photos of children , adults in protective gear . The cover can be attached to a large image of a bright logo FSMB . Contact us at and we will send you a photo of a good quality for printing.

§ Your Resume coach with a photograph. Describe it their education , work experience, achievements in sport in all kinds of sports , teaching experience , everything that can benefit to present you as a specialist. It is advisable to include your hobbies and life mottos ; § Copies of your diploma of education , evidence of the passage of any courses , certificates, thank you letters , letters of recommendation , etc. ;

§ Copies of diplomas about your victories and / or your students victories ;

§ printout Charter MSFF , Competition Rules Development Programme MSFF , " Memo athlete " and any other materials from our website, who see fit to represent the Federation and the severity of your regional office. ( These documents do not need to lay out the page by page , but simply can invest entirely in one file stapling );

§ Nets MSFF activities over the past years and the new school year ; § the safety instructions in the classroom MSF ;

§ Manuals from MSFF on various courses MSF ; § Samples profiles , health profiles ;

§ Samples Books athlete and a judge; § Journal or Timesheet of your section ;

§ Printouts of articles about Sports equipment and protective gear MSF ;

§ Any documents, photos , materials that may be of interest to disclose more and what you are doing . IMPORTANT ! This " presentation folder " costs to prepare once and then use it in meetings with government officials, potential sponsors , the parents of your students , etc. I assure you, the practice shows that your efforts will not be wasted. Prepare the room : The room does not have to be decorated , as long as everything was clean and tidy ; arrange convenient benches or chairs , connect , configure and check the equipment in advance; Bring helpers them to help you to meet the guests , burn them at the entrance (you'll need a desk, chair , sheets of paper , lots of pens, assistant) and provide handouts . Highly recommended to use " presentation FSMB " to represent the Federation and in the beginning of your section Org.meetings . It is desirable to show it on the screen or the big screen , in a pinch, use a laptop, but not necessarily , amplify sound speakers. Prepare a handout : The number of copies to make stock ! All materials are available at saytewww.FSMB § « Memo to athletes and their parents," adapted for you (your name , phone number, and other contact address , address and schedule );

§ « Brief safety instructions in the classroom for MSFs " § « Grid activities FSMB Federations and friendly "

§ Your local internal grid events ( see example below in 4.1 ); § « Questionnaire" ( child fills a parent );

§ « Medical profile " ( child fills a parent ); § Your business cards (preferably , but not necessarily) . Contact us at and we will send you the finished sample .

Spend 3.2 Organizational meeting ( rough plan ) : § Always ready in 15-20 minutes prior to the meeting , because often someone comes before the appointed time; § The background on the screen or the laptop can display videos or photo slideshows on MSFs ; § Meeting guests , check them at the entrance, handing out paper materials , wishing to show presentation folders ; § Start Assembly ( stragglers wait no more than 10 minutes ); § Welcome speech , presentation you as a coach , assistant representation ; § Demonstration young athletes fight for MSFs (better with music ) . This is not a mandatory component Org.meetings, if you do not have anyone who can show fight - can simply show a video clip of MSFs. Contact us at and we will send you the video clip ; § Demonstration "Presentations MSFF" with comments or comments without music - at your discretion ; § Tell us about Modern Sword Fighting fight verbally , in their own words ; § Show secure soft equipment ; § Tell us about the events , seminars and prospects for athletes ( first medals and diplomas in the future - the ranks and titles ) . Indicate the goals and objectives of your section . Show books athletes. (See listing of " Nets MSFF activities "); § Tell us about the maximum advantages of MSF sessions : that develops , which teaches that strengthens etc. Tell us about your other activities ( hikes , excursions , etc.). It is worth mentioning about the pros training in mixed age and sex group. (See listing of " Nets Internal events" ); § Tell us about how your workouts will be built ( RPT , CFP , Technique, Tactics , sparring , etc.). Tell us about how the annual cycle will be based training ( GPP basic course " one-handed sword" , then mastering the technique " Shield and Sword" , the development of tactics , the program is built from simple to complex , which is planned tests , standards , etc.) ( See " Memo to athletes and their parents MSF "); § Tell us what training program will build on the features of all children in the group , taking into account their health restrictions ( if any) . ( Watch and fill " medical questionnaire " and " Profile "). To announce that the first lesson you need to bring a doctor's note the absence of contraindications to practice fencing ! Sample please visit; § Briefly tell us about safety in the classroom (see " Safety instructions " and paint in the Journal Report Card or TB ); § Tell us about the sports uniform requirements for activities such as the "white top, black bottom " (see " Memo to athletes "), on the observance of hygiene and nutrition , etc. § Again return to the theme of development prospects and participation in competitions; § At the end again Speak schedule and organizational issues ; § Answers to your questions . Then everyone § written section , pass the completed questionnaires occurs personal communication with the coach. Congratulations! You have successfully conducted meeting and you are likely to now a lot of writing, if you're good and professionally done .

3.3 Carry out the first training session as Open class ( E-mail us - and we will send you "Guidelines for the construction of the Basic course PSC ") : Parents may want to look at the first lesson - do not deny them that. If they like , they will cause you many of their friends. Spend an introductory lesson : § Building . Attendance mark - familiarity ; § Welcome and Rules of Conduct in training conditions for success in any sport - "Respect , discipline , dedication "; § Quick Workout all joints; § Short jogging workout with learning proper breathing ; § RPT as a relay ; § Familiarity with sports equipment - sports swords ; § Different types of movements ( add step , double step , forward, backward, in circles, snake , zigzag , etc.); § Introduction to the System " 7 sectors" ; § Just blow through the air ( "straight -eight ", "reverse eight" , etc.); § Exercises sense of distance ( linear , circular , serpentine , etc.); § Trial exercises on the impact statement (simple combination of two or three hits) ; § First "conditionally combat game " such as " Chicken legs "; § Building, summarizing, praise each student for an entire workout as a whole. Final greeting. § Co- cleaning equipment , personal communication with children and parents . IMPORTANT ! At the first training session is necessary to allow all children to " fight for fun ", because they come to you just for this ! Such training they will remember for a lifetime. It is then you will be loading their explanations , theory and hundreds of reps of various exercises . Now it is important that the training was easy , bright, full of joy and unforgettable memories !

3.4 Further carry out all mandatory training adhering to structure training, and annual training cycle basic course MSF.

4 . How to form and retain a group?

4.1 Make a rough plan of interesting events for the year and give it to your students , post it in the VC group , on its website . Very rally team not only training, but any other joint activities : cycling, boating, hiking in the woods , excursions , photo- crosses and much more . It is important to show imagination and liveliness - then come to you " just train " your friends and become a real team , which will for many years to develop and grow . And parents will thank you. Thus, you will create the foundation for long-term development of your section and any other project . Example annual plan additional activities : § September - a campaign by the lake N; § October - the first tournament of the inner section of students ; § November - trek to the Museum of NN in your city ; § December - funny games in honor of the New Year and the Tea Party ; § January - cross-country skiing in the park or in a suburban forest; § February - going to the movies as a team ; § March - preparatory tournament before leaving for a big event ; § April - leaving on a big event in Moscow ; § May - excursion to the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in your city ; § June - the final rank among sportsmen your section on the basis of academic year

4.2 Make it a rule from the first day to record and attendance control , collect all information on each of its group in a separate folder , keep attendance School Report ( Contact us at and we will send you a sample of the "Table of attendance "), profiles , medical questionnaire students Timesheet Journal or TB .

4.3 How frequently updated news in the VC group or on your website . Take photos during workouts and share them on the network. Write summaries of the campaigns, travel , success .

4.4 advance (2-3 weeks) start to warn children and parents about the upcoming event or competition. Better print issue . Do not hesitate to remind you of the event each workout .

4.5 In the event of an unforeseen cancellation of classes MUST ring up and tell all . Do not hesitate to write sms to those who can not be reached . People will appreciate your concern for them . In general , it is important to understand that human relationships are born human response attitude and loyalty. Love their job , love their students - and let you in all luck ! Good luck in your coaching ! Sincerely, Vice President MSFF Maria Davydova September 2012

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