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В Сан Диего в США Маурин Миллер продолжает развивать СМБ!

30.04 В Сан Диего в США Маурин Миллер продолжает развивать СМБ!

В рамках Весеннего Фестиваля была про введена СМБ площадка, в которой приняли участие 26 юных спортсменов от 5 до 14 лет.

Подробности читайте на английском:

"We participated in a Spring Festival today. We hosted a booth and had 26 eager participants ages 5-14. Each set of 2 fighters learned the basics of MSF and strike zones. Then each student had 1v1 battles with sword/shield & sword/buckler. All enjoyed learning and dueling! Some of the best fighters were the very young ones! Most memorable were the giggling ladies and also the young boy who fought against his uncle only 3 years older. We had the opportunity to offer a blind girl to hold the shield and feel the sword and it's flexible nature. She was overjoyed when her mother added a helmet to her head, for her to feel like she participated. I was truly in awe of this young girl. We take our sight for granted. Everytime we make a presentation of this sport, we learn more about it's limitless abilities.

MSF is for everyone!"

Поздравляем Маурин Миллер с таким замечательным успехом и благодарим за активность и энтузиазм!


Присоединяйтесь к СМБ Движению!



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